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Saturday, August 23, 2014 ..:: Sacred Fire Magazine Home ::..


Current subscribers have free access to digital back issues!


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Kathy McKeough



Sacred Fire is expanding  to become an online media portal.
More than just a magazine, we'll offer video, audio, blogs and a robust "resources" section that demonstrate the relevance of ancient wisdom to our lives today.
Your subscription is being converted into an online membership, giving you access to stories, back issue archives, free downloads and more. 
While we focus our resources on developing the new online magazine, we will take a hiatus from publishing printed issues of Sacred Fire. After the site is established, we'll return to printing, with the added benefit knowing what's popular on the web.
Our new site will feature the same content you find in our printed version -- just more of it. Core sections will demonstrate how your world changes when you experience life through the sacred fire of heart:
  • Sustainability becomes a lived relationship with the earth, not just a trendy buzzword
  • Community becomes much more entwined with your life and your spiritual growth
  • Healing becomes less of a chemical battleground and more of a living process 
  • Listening becomes expansive as you communicate with a world beyond human language 
  • Lifeways become familiar ceremonial practices that frame your passage through the cycles of time.
Stay tuned for more.  We'll keep in touch with regular newsletters that bring you bits and pieces of what we're becoming, including articles, announcements and links to like-hearted events and organizations.


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Andrew Harvey + Sacred Activism + Eliot Cowan +  Sacred Plant Teachers
 + Charles Eisenstein + 
Derrick Jensen 
Bill Plotkin + Animas Valley Institute + Oren Lyons 
+ Wisdom Fellowship Award + The Tantric Destroyer of Demon + 
Revolution of Heart + Ojai Foundation + Carla Woody + The Last Spirit Keeper +  Kenosis +
Erick Gonzalez +  Mayan Prophesies  + Anne Marie Sayers + Indian Canyon +

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APRIL 2013


We recently learned that Sacred Fire has been nominated for an Utne Media Award in the "Body/Spirit" category.

It's a tremendous honor to be recognized as one of the best voices of contemporary spirituality.
In a recent conversation with Utne Editor-in-Chief Christian Williams, he said no one is really writing about nature-based spirituality, adding that  "we're finding you're our 'go to title' for that."
It's true. Only Sacred Fire opens readers' hearts to a deeper relationship with our living world. Today's science tells us that everything is made of energy and is interconnected--well, the Indigenous people of the world have known this since the beginning of time! Sacred Fire dives deep into what this means to our lives today, drawing from the teachings and experiences of Nature,  the Dreamtime, and the ancient wisdom traditions.
The Utne Media Awards were previously called the "Independent Press Awards." The title changed this year to recognize the democratization of information made possible by the internet.  "Emphasizing the broad term 'media' allows us to appropriately consider and recognize all of the ways people communicate with one another in the 21st century, " say the folks at Utne.










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